Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before using Overland Van Lines Ltd. services.

These conditions explain the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of all parties to this Agreement. Where we use the word ‘You’ or ‘Your’ it means the Customer: ‘We’, ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ means the Remover. These terms and conditions can be varied or amended subject to prior written agreement.


  1. Our quotation, unless otherwise stated, does not include insurance, cancellation/postponement waivers, customs duties, port charges including (but not limited to) demurrage, inspections, or any fees, or taxes payable to government bodies or agencies.
  2. Our Quotation is valid for seven days from the date of issue. Unless already included in Our Quotation, reasonable additional charges will apply in the following circumstances:

2.1 If the work does not commence within twenty-eight days of acceptance;

2.2 Where We have given You a price including redelivery from a store within Our Quotation and the re-delivery from the store has not taken place within six months from the date of the issue of the quotation;

  1. Agreed time of picking and delivering can be subject to change due to events, disruption and other unplanned delays taking place during our execution of delivery.
  2. The work is carried through our opening hours(please see Contact page for more information), unless agreed with us otherwise.
  3. Undersigned hereby releases Overland Van Lines of all responsibility for any personal documents and/or valuables such as accounts, bills, currency, deeds, money, notes, securities, jewelry, watches, precious stones, artwork, etc, unless the item(s) have been declared in writing to the carrier prior to transport.
  4. Delivery window begins on the first possible date for you to receive your goods (FDA) unless otherwise requested by the customer or stated in the contract.
  5. During the delivery, the customer is responsible for making their own inventory and assuring that all items have arrived at their destination address. If items are not reported missing at the time of the delivery or a customer does not make a valid account of items being removed from the delivery truck, the customer is not eligible to file a claim for those items.


  1. The cost of our services is subject to change depending on the work carried and the extras required.
  2. Security Deposit of 20% of the Estimate is due upon reservation to secure your rate, space, and date. You may pay by credit card using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.
  3. Pick up: 80% of the final bill (minus the deposit and any other payments made) is due. Payment can be made by cash, credit/debit card or money order (MoneyGram, Western Union, Postal Service). A 7% processing fee is added to all credit or debit card payments. Money orders to be made out to Overland Van Lines, LLC. Please call the office to pay the balance that is due before we can note your first available date to receive your items and schedule delivery. In the event when the payment is not made within 24 hours after receiving your final bill, additional charges could accrue.
  4. Delivery: Remaining balance of 20% is due upon delivery arrival. Payment can be made by cash or money order (MoneyGram, Western Union, Postal Service) ONLY! No other forms of payment will be accepted.
  5. ATTORNEY’S FEE: In connection with any litigation, including appellate proceedings arising out of this agreement, the prevailing party is entitled to recover attorney’s fees and costs. Arbitration is available upon request through your local BBB or any other legal institution.
  6. Quotation not accepted within 28 days is subject to a further charge.
  7. Packing, removing, delivering and other services not included in the agreement are subject to an extra charge.
  8. The services included in the price are as follows:

On delivery only:

  • 1 flight of stairs.
  • Short carry up to 75ft from door to truck.
  1. Packing Materials (if needed) including tape, boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, mattress covers, plastic covers, etc are NOT included. Packing Materials are available at an additional cost and will be charged in accordance with the quantities used on the day of the move, but can be purchased in advance from your Representative at a discounted price (In which case will be notified by your representative in the fields “Other” and/or “Memo To the customer”).
  2. If the 53ft trailer cannot access your delivery location, a shuttle will be required. The cost for a shuttle depends on the size of the shipment.
  3. Long carry charges apply for distances greater than 75ft from the door to the truck.
  4. Each additional flight of stairs will be $75 or an agreed amount.
  5. Elevator charge depends on the size of shipment.
  6. Piano or Bulky Item are NOT included and are subject to an individual offer. Please call agent to discuss this charge.


  1. We do not accept liability for goods confiscated, seized, removed or damaged by Customs Authorities or other Government Agencies unless such confiscation, seizure, removal or damage arose directly as a result of Our negligence or breach of contract.
  2. We shall not be liable for loss or damage caused by fire or explosion unless we have been negligent or in breach of contract. It is Your responsibility to insure Your Goods against transit damage


  1. The Customer is aware of the fact that they’re committing to the price per cubic foot/pound and not the cubic feet/pounds or the total given in the estimate.
  2. Your original quote may be based on limited information. Please take the time to review your quote and verify the inventory, dates and other details.
  3. The cost of your move is based on items to be moved, conditions (such as stairs, packing and parking), and mileage. Therefore, accuracy is essential to avoid after-move fee adjustments.
  4. All glass items (TVs, Mirrors, Paintings, Glass tops, Glass Shelves, Lamps, etc.) must be bubble wrapped and boxed in order to be transported.
  5. Mattresses, Box Springs, Sofas, and cushioned furniture should have plastic covers unless the customer specifies he/she is not interested in covering those items.
  6. Undersigned is aware that attempting to move a piece into an area with a difficult entry is their liability. Overland Van Lines is not insured for any damages done to furniture or property as a result of difficult access. Undersigned consciously accepts the risk of such damages particularly to door case, wall, ceiling etc.
  7. No boxes under 10″x10″x10″ will be accepted by the movers. No plastic bags of any kind will be accepted.
  8. Liquid perishables (like any food, alcohol, paint, household cleaning supply, etc), weapons, or living plants/animals are not allowed to be transported and will not be accepted by the movers.
  9. The customer is responsible for all items packed themselves.


By entering into this Agreement, you guarantee that:

  1. The goods to be removed and/or stored are Your own property; or
  2. You have the full authority of the owner or anyone having a legal interest in them to enter into this Agreement and You have made the owner fully aware of these terms and conditions prior to entering into this Agreement and that they have agreed to them.
  3. If at any time following the implementation of this agreement to its termination another person has or obtains an interest in the goods You will advise Us of their name and address in writing immediately.
  4. You will provide a full indemnity and pay Us in respect of any claim for damages and/or costs brought against Us if either statement made in 5.1.1 or 5.1.2 is untrue.
  5. If You wish to transfer responsibility of this Agreement to a third-party You will advise Us in writing giving Us their full name and address. We will issue a new agreement to them. Our Agreement with You will remain in force until We have received a signed agreement from the third-party.


  1. Moving deposits are taken to secure space on an available truck, so if you must cancel your move, please do so as soon as possible. You must notify Overland Van Lines in writing of your intent to cancel or reschedule your move before five calendar days of your actual move date.
  2. Canceling your move less than five days prior to your move date will result in the loss of your deposit. However, you are entitled to receive a credit for your deposit for future moving services to be used within a 12-month period from the date of cancellation.
  3. In the event you have booked your move within the five calendar days prior to the start of the move dates and wish to cancel, you must provide a written cancellation notice by 5 PM (EST) of the next day in order to receive a full refund.
  4. In the event you change the dates of your move within 5 days of your move window or change your inventory more than 20% within the five-day move window, you will only be eligible for a credit in the amount of the deposit. The credit will be applicable to only the card holder and remain in force for 12 months from the date of the change.
  5. Customers will be eligible for a full refund in cases of extreme circumstances as approved by management, (i.e. hospitalization) concurrent with the provision of supporting documentation provided per circumstance.
  6. Overland Van Lines reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and to reschedule or cancel any job due to unforeseen circumstances.
  7. In the unlikely event, your pick-up dates are not able to be facilitated by Overland Van Lines you will be eligible for a full refund. Please note eligible full refunds may take up to three to seven business days for processing and are only allowed to release the card holder on file.
  8. Be advised that the electronic signature acknowledges that you, the customer, have received, read, and agreed to the terms and conditions of this contract. By voluntarily submitting your credit card information to pay a security deposit you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of this contract stated above.

Please print and/or download the information so that you fully understand your rights and responsibilities. Overland Van Lines is a fully insured full-service moving company.