Storage in Transit

Storage in Transit

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While your move is in progress and you decide that it’s time to get that trip to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone park but do not want to pay for storage units, that’s when you get Storage in Transit service (SiT).

Overland Van Lines Storage In Transit

How are we able to help you:

  • Get a pro mover to pack your items and furniture with our packing service.
  • If your new home is still not quite ready, get full advantage of our Storage or Storage in Transit options.
  • Need to move quickly? Our express delivery service is designed just for that.
  • Having questions before, during or after your move is quite common, so we have our dedicated customer service agents ready to answer them 24/7.
  • All of our movers are professionally trained and certified with years of experience guaranteeing your move will be stress-free.

What is storage in transit?

This is a service where your items are stored in a state that is ready to be delivered to your doorstep at any moment. Depending on the time required to store your items they may not even leave the truck they were loaded into.

You do not pay monthly fees for storage units, but you do need to be able to receive your items in the specified time window when you book your move. This storage service requires a bit more planning but it’s usually way more affordable than conventional storage if executed correctly.

Additional charges

You will get charged additional fees IF you do not or can not receive your items in the specified time window negotiated before your move. Be sure to be at home when our truck arrives or have a representative that can receive your items to avoid being charged. Although it’s convenient it can be more expensive than regular storage if you do not plan your move carefully. If you need help with planning give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you with organizing your move!

To make things sweeter:

We offer up to 30 days Storage in Transit for FREE! Yes, that’s right – FREE. You will not be charged a single cent during these 30 days so you can have a breather before your things arrive.

Storage in Transit is available only to Overland Van Lines' clients and cannot be used as a separate service.

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