Long Distance Moves

Long Distance Moves

Time to cross the state borders? Overland Van Lines will help!

Making the long distance move short!

Long distance moves are quite different from local moves. This type of move requires more time, workforce and sometimes storage space. Luckily we’ve got just the service for you. Crossing the states or moving to another city was never a pleasant experience but we’re here to change that.

How are we able to help you:

  • Get a pro mover to pack your items and furniture with our packing service.
  • If your new home is still not quite ready, get full advantage of our Storage or Storage in Transit options.
  • Need to move quickly? Our express delivery service is designed just for that.
  • Having questions before, during or after your move is quite common, so we have our dedicated customer service agents ready to answer them 24/7.
  • All of our movers are professionally trained and certified with years of experience guaranteeing your move will be stress-free.

What’s the process of cross country moving?

Long distance moving prices are based mainly on the distance you’re moving and what is the volume of your items. Here is how this process works from A to Z.

After you request your free quote we roughly evaluate the volume of your items based on your statements and send you a rough estimate of the cost of your move.

But in order to get an accurate price we suggest you book a free on-site estimate here and we’ll send a trained agent to evaluate your items and furniture.

Then we will discuss the details of the move like packing, obstacles, storage options and additional insurance and/or services like express delivery. Having collected all that info, we can give you an exact price with no extra charges and fees. We’ll discuss the time frame for pickup and delivery etc.

After booking the move, we’ll send our skilled team of movers to pack and/or pickup your items and get going to your new location or our storage warehouse.

We give affordable pricing thanks to consolidated shipping. What is that? That’s when we combine your shipment with another clients’ in one truck. This gives you a much lower price.

How much would a long distance move cost?

Long distance moves are a bit more complicated than your average local one. Pricing of long distance moves varies depending on a lot of factors. Most of these factors are highly individual and price can be quoted once the details are determined.

Some of the pricing factors include:

  • How far away are you moving?
  • How much things you’re moving?
  • Will we pack for you?
  • Do you have obstacles between the truck and your front door (stairs, long carries, elevators etc.)?
  • Do you require storage or storage in transit?
  • Would you like additional insurance or not?

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